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K Major crafted one of the year's most brilliant R&B albums
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Daniel Caesar' Freudian

Daniel Caesar

Canadian Artist Daniel Caesar had an successful year earning an Top 25 Album on the Hot 200 Billboard Charts and two Grammy nominations for "Get You" Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Album.

Blaq' ABA Album
Blaq Tuxedo
The brotherly love shared between Dominique and Darius Logan helped forge one of the most dynamic r&b duos of this generation. ABA (Art by Accident) is an impressive body of work that showcases Blaq Tuxedo's ability to stay relevant in the ever changing landscape of the music scene.

Jagged Edge' Layover

Jagged Edge

The veteran Atlanta R&B Group Jagged Edge released their debut A Jagged Era on Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Label in 1998. They topped the charts for nearly 20 years with 5 Top 20 Billboard Hot 100 singles and sold over 7 million records. They released their latest project 'Layover', independently.

Rayven Justice' Wavy Justice
Rayven Justice'
Wavy Justice
Oakland Native Rayven Justice have been an regular on our blog and entered our Top R&B  Albums Lists for 3 consecutive years in a row. Wavy Justice takes you on a thrilling ride full of uptempo bangers such as "Favorite song', "Some More" and "What a Time".

Justin Tremaine' Mojo
Justin Tremaine

Justin Tremaine released one of my most favorite r&b albums by an Independent Artist this year. Mojo is a throwback of a time when real Vocalist dominated the air-ways like R.Kelly's 'Bump N' Grind'. His voice soars on tracks like "Sufin", and "Big Bang". It's overall an solid project and I'd definitely suggest that you add Mojo to your music playlists.

Darion Javon' Honest

Darion Javon

Darion Javon enters #25 on our list with his debut album Honest. He candidly opens up about some of the struggles that he experienced while in a committed relationship. He sings on the title track Honest "I never lie to you, on my mama I tell the truth, I own up to the shyt if I did it". If you can relate to Love and Heartbreak this album is for you.

Reo Cragun' Growing Pains

Reo Cragun
Growing Pains

Reo Cragun made an impressive debut with his first album  Growing Pains that was release under Virgin Records. He's videos generated over 1 million views on YouTube and proved that he's definitely an artist to watch. I can't wait to see how he develops going forward onto 2018.

Kenyon Dixon' We Should Talk
Kenyon Dixon
We Should Talk

Singer/Songwriter Kenyon Dixon is #23 on our list. You may of  heard of him already. It's because he penned the song "What Took you so Long" on Tyrese's Grammy Nominated album "Open Invitation". He also worked with Usher, Tank, and Kelly Rowland just to name a few. His most recent project "Can We Talk" is his fifth album. Preview a track from the album "Body's Calling" and Stream his album in full here.

Mark Echols Jr' Mark Echols Jr
Mark Echols Jr.
Mark Echols Jr.
Mark Echols Jr. is an multi talented artist that can literally do it all; play the guitar, sing/songwriting and produce all his own records. And you might be familiar with his last name. He is the cousin of another amazing singer that's on our list Chris Echols. Check out his self-titled Mark Echols Jr. and preview a track from the album "Don't be Afraid".

David Correy' Lost Art
David Correy
Lost Art
The Former X Factor finalist David Correy truly made a name for himself ever since his first appearance on National TV in 2012. He is now one of the most recognizable voices in Pop/R&B Music. His album "Lost Art" didn't disappoint and showcases his full range from power house ballads to catchy uptempo songs.

Justin Garner' Into the Wild
Justin Garner
Into the wild

Baton Rouge artist Justin Garner won me as a fan after the release of his 2014 EP "7". He's perfectly crafted Pop/R&B songs and strong vocal ability is one of the reasons he gained many comparisons to Usher. Into the Wild marks his sixth album, released independently under his label Justin Garner, LLC.

David Jay' Island Dreams
David Jay
Island Dreams
Sony's Recording Artist David Jay released his forth project this year titled Island Dreams, which entered our list here at #19. Watch the Official Video "Get Like me" and check out his album here.

Musiq Souldchild' Feel the Real
Musiq Soulchild
Feel the Real

R&B Veteran Musiq Soulchild released his 24-track double album titled "Feel the Real" independently back in October and it's been in my rotation ever since. He don't get enough credit for being an major influence to many of the young r&b artists of this generation. Watch his Official Video for "Humble Pie', and purchase or stream his album today.

Brik.liam' Ascension
Ascension is Brik.liam third project and reigns in at #17 on the list. This brutha can really sing his ass off and he have a genuine heart that's felt throughout his music. Listen to "Even feat. Calvin Lockett" from the album below.

TQ' Coming Home
Coming Home
Las Vegas residence TQ has been a Legend in the game since his hit  "Westside" debut in 1998 and entered the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. Coming Home allows the newer generation to get a chance to be re-acquainted with the singer and it opens him up to an entirely new fanbase.

Kenny Lattimore' Vulnerable
Kenny Lattimore
Kenny Lattimore is a man that needs no introduction. The Grammy nominated singer released His 7th album "Vulnerable", this year an follow-up to his 2016 release A Kenny Lattimore Christmas.

Ty Dolla $ign' Beach House 3
Ty Dolla $ign
Beach House 3
For Ty Dolla $ign, 2017 has been an career defining year releasing one of the most critically acclaimed projects in r&b.  To mark his success he recently announced the 'Don't Judge Me Tour" which kicks off next year on Feb 21 in Santa Ana, CA. Check his video 'Dawsin's Breek featuring Jeremih.

Marko Penn' Dirty Work
Marko Penn
Dirty work

Marko Penn is Probably one of the most underrated r&b artist on the list.  Dirty work is arguably his best work, yet! Check out the video "Good Time" from the album and stream the full album ASAP! You won't regret it.

Chris Echols' Everybody Loves Chris
Chris Echols
Everybody Loves Chris

R&B Singer/Songwriter Chris Echols pays homage to the 2000's TV Show "Everybody Loves, Chris. It's a fun play off his real first name, but he gets straight to business on the album. Check out his Official Video "Fuck How I Turn Out" from the album now.

They.' Nu Religion Hyena

Nu Religion Hyena
They. is an American R&B Duo that features vocals from Dante Jones and Drew Love. The group released their debut album Nu Religion Hyena under Warner Brother's imprint 'Mind of a Genius Records'.


Verse Simmonds' Diamonds

Verse Simmonds

Interscope Recording Artist Verse Simmonds released his 10th solo project Diamonds back in November. He worked with several superstars in the music industry including Justin Bieber, Kelly Rowland, Akon. 50 cent and more. I love pretty much every track on this album and highly recommend that you check it out! Listen to his single 'Liquor & Misunderstanding" from the album now.

Chris Brown' Heartbreak on a full moon

Chris Brown
Heartbreak on a full moon
The troubled crooner had a career full of heights and lows, but with Heartbreak on a full moon Chris Brown proves to the world why he's considered one of the Top R&B Stars of the decade. The 45-track album priced at the very low $16.99 knocks out all the competition and sets the new standard; redefining how music is distributed in the marketplace. Due to the massive amount of songs, he went GOLD within the first week of sales and became the "fastest album by a male singer to receive a gold certification by RIAA in 2017.

H.I.M.' H.I.M. Vol. 2

H.I.M. Vol. 2
The mysterious singer/songwriter H.I.M. (Her in Mind) released one of the most intriguing project of the year. In true Hip Hop Fashion he created an genius reply to R&B songstress H.E.R's debut album H.E.R. Vol. 1  to much of the fans delight. H.E.R. later claimed on twitter that she had no affiliation to H.I.M. and threw Major shade toward his way. As a real man, he decided not to reply, it's meaningless to get into an Twitter argument, right? Anyway,  his project helped bring more awareness to both their project and it was really fun for all the fans to witness. Everyone was making their own playlists comparing both their songs and it brought everyone together to figure out the "puzzle". It was pretty much free promotion for @HERMusicx  and she should have recognized it's immense value instead of resisting it. Kodak Black was in a similar situation with Cardi B this year when she released "Bodak Yellow", but instead of complaining, he decided to work with the female emcee instead. And now Kodak Black is nominated as a songwriter in the 2018 Grammy awards for  'Best Rap Song'. Hip Hop has always been about sharing ideas and finding new ways to innovate. So we applaud H.I.M. for thinking outside the box and creating an beautiful project that everyone can relate to .Check out his Live preformance of HYMN below.

Elijah Blake' Audiology

Elijah Blake

Elijah Blake is an American Singer/songwriter that released his fifth album Audiology independently. The album reached the Top #10 on iTunes and It was one of his most revealing albums that he ever wrote. He details his experiences as a child with sexual abuse on the track "Momma Knows", an story that is inspiring others whom are dealing with the same struggles as an survivor. The album is also filled with upbeat light-hearted tracks such as 'Technicolor' and 'Occupied', Check out the official video for Technicolor below.

Jordan Grizzle' Good Intentions: The Intro

Jordan Grizzle
Good Intentions:  The Intro
You may recognize Jordan Grizzle from his popular YouTube Channel which amassed over 600,000 views, singing covers to some of your most popular contemporary R&B Hits. He released his debut album titled 'Good Intentions: The Intro', with all original music and it was outstanding. Listen to the full album here

Tone Stith' Can We Talk
Tone Stith
Can We Talk
South Jersey native Tone Stith released his debut album Can We Talk back in October and embarked on the 'Don't Manner" 40-city Tour opening for August Aslina over this past summer. Can We Talk features 11-tracks with hit songs such as "Get it Right", "Miss California', and 'Running Out".

Sammie' Coming of Age

Coming of Age
R&B Veteran Sammie began his career in the early 2000s at an very young age, yet still manged to keep a clear head and avoided many of the problems that other young entertainers have faced. He continued to stay relevant in the game for 17 years. The release of his new album Coming of Age lets all the critics and non-believers know that he still got it! Watch his Official video for the title track COA and Download the full project here

K. Major' Until Tomorrow

K. Major
Until Tomorrow 

Singer/Songwriter K Major released his 3rd album Until Tomorrow from his independent Label 3MG Management. The album entered the Top 200 iTunes charts and solidified his place in R&B Music. He has a unique sound that you won't find anywhere else. Watch his video for "For Your Girl", stream or purchase his album here

VEDO' For Now On

For Now On
American Singer/Songwriter Vedo is Top pick for #1 Album of 2017! He had a great year landing on top of the US And International Charts as an Songwriter both on Chris Brown's Heat of a Full Moon and the Korean Pop Group EXO. Vedo is simply amazing on For Now On. Preview his single "Slow" from the album below.

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