Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men releases New Single 'Feelin Lil Som'n'

Shawn Stockman, a member of the legendary group Boyz II Men, released he's first single 'Feelin Lil Som’n', (an collaboration between SRG Records & SRG-ILS Group) off of his upcoming solo album. The song is a roseate, hood-sophisticated, declaration of love backed by a slow riding groove; a modernized version of what Shawn and his music have always represented. “It’s a head bobber while drinking a nice full bodied Bordeaux,” Shawn explains. “A smooth, thoughtful love song and the perfect introduction for what I hope people will want to dive a bit deeper into with me.”

As a member of Boyz II Men, the best-selling R&B group of all-time, Shawn is known for the international smash hits “Motownphilly," "End Of The Road,” "I'll Make Love To You,” and "One Sweet Day".In addition, last year Shawn surprised fans by providing backing vocals on the latest Foo Fighters album, Concrete and Gold. Outside of the group, Shawn is a popular television personality, most notably as a judge on the popular competition series The Sing Off, which ran for five seasons on NBC.

Shawn on the thrill of finally releasing his first solo album.
"Timing is everything. When the idea was presented, I was experiencing some personal events that made me realize it was now or never. So I did the best I could with Feelin Lil Som’n to present something that might get people curious to hear more.” ~Shawn Stockman
The single is now available at all digital outlets! Get it today!

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