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Watch The Duck, Novel, Oshea, and James Bambu
Below you will find the 30 Best Contemporary R&B Albums of 2018 by rank. We have carefully kept track of all the best r&b music throughout the year. It was really hard to narrow my list down to 30. So lets begin.

Here are Playrnb's Picks for the best R&B Albums of 2018. You can listen to all of these albums by adding our playlist here.


Lewis Sky
While They Sleep

Lewis Sky's While They Sleep is a exquisite collection of songs that stays true to the smoothing tones and melodies that we've became accustomed to love with Rhythm N' Blues. Standout tracks include "Knife", "Pottery", and "Better This Way".

Jacob Banks
Village As Told by Jacob Banks

Nigerian-born, UK-based singer/songwriter Jacob Banks moved to Birmingham at an young age and began singing, playing guitar and writing songs at the age of 20.  He signed to Interscope Records and released his project "The Paradox" an 8-track EP in 2013. Village As Told By is Banks first album. Standout tracks "Love Ain't Enough", "Prosecco" and "Caroline".


Mya's T.K.O as expected is yet another solid album by the r&b diva and everything you'd expect from the Grammy Award winner whom first debuted in 1998 with her hit single "It's All About Me". T.K.O is a must have! You should definitely add it to your playlists, every song is a certified banger.

I used to know Her

Gabriella "Gabi" Wilson 21, better known by her stage name H.E.R. is an American singer from Vallejo, California. Her sophomore album  I Use to Know Her  is an honest portrayal of what it means to be a black woman in this era.


Chole x Halle
The Kids Are Alright

The Sisterly Duo known as Chole x Halle is an contemporary r&b group signed to Beyonce's record label Parkwood Entertainment. The Kids Are Alright are entirely produced and written by Chole and Halle Bailey.

James Bambu
Del Soul

James Bambu's album Del Soul offers an renovated version of neo-soul and wraps it in the smooth sailings of contemporary r&b. The Atlanta native was influenced by Sammy Davis Jr., D'Angelo, and Lenny Kravitz.

Masspike Miles

Miles Wheeler 37, better known by his stage name Masspike Miles, is an American singer from Boston, Massachusetts. Signed to Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group Power marks his 9th album.

Rob Write
Something Different

Music is a form of art that states an opinion, a feeling,  or to create a different view of the world. Something Different does exactly that. It's a window into Rob Write's most inner thoughts of infidelity forgiveness, and love.

Timara Vol. 1

Timara, the prodigy of singer/songwriter and Producer Chris Echols released her debut album Timara Tape Vol.1. Her impressive vocal styling with a strong Alto range will instantly catch your ear. Her voice sets her apart from other female artists. There's definitely a future in the music industry for this young talent.

This Will Hurt

Siergio, debut at #1 on the iTunes r&b charts on the day of it's release, sparking the curiosity of many of this unknown, up and coming talent. This Will Hurt is a tale of heartbreak and the highs & lows that can be experienced in a volatile relationship.


Future, Yesterday

Reigning in from Atlanta, Georgia; Producer, Songwriter, singer Agency is an amazing talent that you should get to know. Future, Yesterday is an solid project that's light-hearty and fun. Standout tracks "Warrior", and "Cruel Joke".

Ella Mai
Ella Mai

The self-titled debut album of UK Singer Ella Mai, 24, is an overall solid project with hit singles "Trip", and "Boo'd up". The album hit the billboard r&b charts at #1 and features Chris Brown, John Legend, H.E.R.

Raheem Devaughn
Decade of Love King

Grammy Nominated Artist Raheem Devaughn, 43, is an American Singer/songwriter. Decade of Love King is his sixth album. Standout tracks "Come Together", "What if Feels Like", and "That Way Act I".

Dancing Shadows

Dancing Shadows is Mario's long-awaited 5th album and his first release since 2009, and he did not disappoint. The 11-track album was co-produced by Mario, Daecolm Diego  Holland, xSDTRK, Pham, Jake Gosling, P2J, J. Warner, and Jake Gosling.


Going Thru Some Thangz

R&B Veteran Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign joined forces on Going Thru Some Thangz  to create some certified bangers with a sound to keep your bopping your head all-winter long.  Powerful, Polished, Proficient.You differently need to add this album to your playlist.

Passion Like Fire

Tamia is a living embodiment of perfection; the diva has been in the game for nearly 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down. Passion Like Fire is a statement, letting the world know that r&b will never die. It's timeless, classic, unyielding to the chaos of the every changing trends and fads in the music industry. Standout tracks "If I Had to Choose", "Today I Do", and "You Are Loved".

Darius Scott

Darius Scott, 26, from Dallas Texas was first brought to National attention after his TV appearance of Season 9 NBC's The Voice. Scott's Gospel influences can be heard through his debut album Young. Stand-out tracks "Eagles", "Open Heart", and "Fall Through".

K Roosevelt
K Roosevelt

Def Jam Recordings artist, K. Roosevelt excelled all expectations on his self-titled sophomore album. The multi-talented singer, produced the album in all of it's entirety proving that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Rayven Justice
Wavy Justice 2

Modern, uncompromising, transcending. Rayven Justice's Wavy Justice 2  succeeded to maintain his status as one of r&b's leading men.

Lenny Harold

Lenny Harold's voice is powerful, indestructible, and one-of-a-kind. The New Jersey singer uses his vocals to whip listeners into his Cosmic vortex


Alic, an artist from Texas, Missouri City. He examines he's turbulent relationship with God and humans self-destructive nature on SEGAA. His standout cuts are "On My Way", "Gasoline" and "Try Anything". The album was produced by Y. Hunter, Illuid Haller, Mr. Damention, and Evan Ford.

Tay Walker
One Way Street to Nowhere

Taylor Walker, is an singer/songwriter from Inglewood, California. He's most known for being featured on tracks with alternative r&b group The Internet, One Way Street To Nowhere is an impressive sophomore effort with Standout Tracks 'Beautiful", "Bomb Bomb" and "Run Away".


New Orleans native, and R&B Veteran Lloyd took the independent route with his latest album TRU, following the release of his EP of the same name last year. It's a continuation of great songs that die-hard fans have thoroughly enjoyed. Standout tracks are "Caramel", "Porcelain" and "Holding".

Nick Smith Global
Love The Truth

Nick Smith Global's r&b/pop sound is unique and delightfully addicting. The Love The Truth features legendary singers Kc and Jojo on the track "Hypnosis", standout tracks "Always Here for you", and "Lean on Me". The album was co-produced by Global with contributions from Bryan White, Delvyn Brumfield, and Sam Smith.


Eric Bellinger
Eazy Call

Eric Bellinger's brilliance shines on Eazy Call, with standout tracks such as "Dirty Dancing", 'Goat 2.0" and "By Now". It's sexy,  climactic, guaranteed to satisfy your listening ears. Bellinger, used his pen as one of the top songwriters in the game to create an total experience.

In Case You Forgot

In Case You Forgot defines the youth, showing off Oshea's vocal prowess and providing a rich base of relatable songs about relationships. The mid-tempo pace and contemporary sound will definitely keep you tuned-in.



Love's On The Way

RĀI's Love's On The Way is the debut album of the former real-estate broker. RĀI decided to take a huge bet on himself and pursue his life-long dream of  having an music career. And it paid off! His album debuted in the Top 200 iTunes Chart and Top 50 on Amazon. Inspired by Maxwell, RĀI's soulful tunes will differently give you the vibes that you have been missing.

Delayed Adulthood

WatchtheDuck's sophomore album Delayed Adulthood takes us on a fun thrill-ride back into the 80's with their retro sound. What makes their album special is it's ability to remain current with a Old-school Flair.

Introverted Dreams

Novel is a masterful songwriter and a genius at creating soulful melodies that can sooth even the toughest of exteriors.The California native, wrote hits for just about everybody in the music business including David Guetta, Lauryn Hill, and Leona Lewis just to name a few. Introverted Dreams is the Grammy Award winner's most personal album to date. Each song like "Growing Pains" A Song for Ashley" and "Not a Rich Man" tells a story of Heartbreak, struggle and pain. Real life.

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