Press Play Presents: RADA

   Stanley M. | February 12, 2019

Check out our latest installment of Press Play featuring RADA.

Age: 21

Hometown: Boston

Musical Influences Ray Charles, Leon Bridges, Bill Withers, Bryson Tiller, Weeknd and Brent Fiyaz.

How old where you when you first started recording music? 13 yrs old

Do you write your own music?  Yes

Do you feel most inspired to create music? When I get a message from someone, who told me they connected with one of my songs.

Describe your current single or project.
This EP that I’m working on is about breaking up with someone you love and being able to find and love yourself through your friends.a majority of it is produced by Danny waves. It’s all written by me and it’s all recorded in house.

In your opinion: Where is the state of r&b music?
I think R&B dipped for a little bit but now since so many styles of R&b are coming out everyone’s finding they’re niche.

What are your future plans?
Getting my degree then pursuing this full time. Releasing Singles and Covers until the Album is ready and really honing in and creating a fan base.

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