Hidden Heroes —Support Your Local Postal Workers

Delivering the mail, never been more sexier. It's getting hot in here.

By Stanley M.

November 4, 2020


CNN reports, The United States Postal Service is in crisis as Trump refused to send financial aid to the more than 630,000 dedicated postal employees who bravely served millions of businesses and households in the country amidst the coronavirus pandemic.


In the fiscal year 2019, the postal service delivered 143 billion pieces of mail to 160 million delivery addresses and operated more than 31,000 post offices. Black Employees make up 23 percent of the service's workforce, which is 10 percent higher than the national average. The post service has been instrumental in providing a middle class income, which enable black families to become homeowners and receive life-changing opportunities.


About 140,000 black postal employees are busy these days processing thousands of mail-in ballots for the Nov. 3 election, despite threats of cost-cutting and shutdowns this year by Postmaster General Louis Dejoy.


In Total, 92% of voters support emergency intervention for the postal service, and 78% think those funds should come from the federal government. When President Trump is voted out of office, the American people will have a clear message. We support our brothers and sisters at the Postal service and we want to preserve it for many years to come.


Postal Worker Richardo Zolanski

Millions of votes was entrusted in the hands of post-workersas they delivered a record breaking number of ballots to election centers all over the country. Take some time out your day to show your appreciation to Postal employees just like Richardo, Not all heroes where capes!


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