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Credit: Photo Courtesy of June25th

By Stanley M. | Date: November 17, 2021
The idea that art is inspired by our daily lives or art imitates life is a notion that rings true for June25th's New Song "Followers".

Lyrically, "Followers" is a metaphor to social media, drawing parallels of one's lost love. It's a anthem that speaks to the newer generation known as zoomers. The song has a sobering melodic tone that conveys his sadness, pain, and uncertainty. He's figuring things out, love is complicated.
June25th, is an 18 year old, Alternative Artist from Fort Lee, New Jersey. Growing up he was musically influenced by Kayne West, Drake and Joey Bada$$. "Music is an escape to me, I strive to make music that allows fans to leave their reality into mine", he tells us. Follow his journey and subscribe to his YouTube channel here.
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